Optimal Pet Foods is a pet store that specializes in healthy dog, cat and small animal food with an extensive selection of raw pet food.

Unlike many other pet stores we scrutinize our products to ensure they  meet our quality standards.

There are simply too many dangerous and questionable ingredients that may be used in pet foods that do not meet the same standards as human products. The majority of pet foods on the market contain one or more of these ingredients, many are known carcinogens, toxins or are laced with chemicals and additives.

Traditionally most dog and cat foods on the market are composed of ingredients that are left over wastes or by-products of human food processing. They are not species appropriate for carnivores, contain high amounts of grains and carbohydrates, use by-products or simply contain no real meat at all. What’s more is they are not passed as fit for human consumption and are therefore of negligible quality.

This is where we are different. Our products promote health, which in turn prevents many conditions, and we carry many foods to relieve itching, allergies, irritable bowel and weight problems.

Have look around, we hope you like what you find! Feel free to use our contact form if you have any questions or comments or would like to know where we are located.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our site!

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