New Orijen 80.20 Formulas for Dogs and Cats Are Coming!


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Champion Pet Foods, makers of ACANA and Orijen dog foods and cat foods will soon be releasing new 80/20/0 (meat/veg & fruits/grain) formulas to replace their existing 70/30/0 formulas.

The current 70% meat, 30% fruits and vegetable formulas will now  feature 80% regional meat ingredients and 20% vegetable and fruit ingredients while of course remaining grain-free. The Regional Red meat and Senior varieties will increase to 75% regional meat ingredients.

The focus includes an increase in fresh, regional meat ingredients to more closely match our dogs and cats natural diet, which was almost entirely composed of meat sources.

Why the change?

Champion Pet Foods is devoted to continuous improvement in making the best pet food in the world. No dry dog or cat food on earth can match the quality, quantity, variety and freshness of Orijen’s ingredients.

Champion’s trials proved a trouble-free transition from the 70/20 formulas to the updated versions, while increasing palatability and digestibility. Protein levels in the dry food will remain the same or become slightly lower due to the inclusion of more fresh, raw meat ingredients.

There is a reason Orijen has won the GRI Pet Food of the Year Award, two years in a row!

Uniquely Orijen is the only food you will find where the first 5 ingredients will all be meat sources:

ORIJEN ADULT | *Boneless chicken, chicken meal, *boneless salmon, turkey
meal, herring meal…

ORIJEN 6 FISH | *Boneless salmon, salmon meal, herring meal, *boneless
herring, *boneless walleye…

ORIJEN REGIONAL RED | *Boneless wild boar, *deboned lamb, *beef liver,
*deboned pork, lamb meal…

ORIJEN CAT & KITTEN | *Boneless chicken, chicken meal, *boneless salmon,
turkey meal, *chicken liver, herring meal…

* Delivered fresh. Never-frozen. No preservatives.

Acana and Orijen pet foods are always preservative and additive free. Production is never outsourced, and ingredients are regionally sourced from Canada. Champion’s award winning factory is even situated right here in Alberta.

Unlike most pet foods on the market, Orijen and Acana cat and dog foods contain the most comprehensive nutrition available, including botanical inclusions, natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin, super foods and vegetables with naturally occurring antioxidants, plus pro-biotics and of course transparency:

You always know what you’re getting, everything is always listed right on the bag. No hidden information or surprises, just responsible pet food manufacturing.

Keep an eye out for the updated Orijen formulas at specialty pet stores in December.

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