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"We just seldom see the so called inevitable diseases in our patients, when we can get the owners to raise their pets on their natural foods."

Marty Goldstein, DVM;
Robert Goldstein, VMD;
H. Robertson, DVM;
Richard J. Kearns, DVM

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Raw Food Handling

Raw Meat Safe Handling

The guidelines for handling raw pet food are the same simple ones for handling our own raw meat products for consumption:

1. Keep working surfaces clean

. Always wash your hands before and after handling raw meat products

. Keep thawed product in a sealed container in the refrigerator. Only defrost in the refrigerator, not the microwave or counter top. Only defrost enough that can be used within the next 2 days.

. Remove and discard any un-eaten food presented within 30 minutes. Also do not mix raw food with any kibble/dry food.

. Thoroughly clean all dishes and utencils used with very hot water and soap

Raw feeding becomes second nature just by practicing simple hygiene.

Pets fed raw food are capable of shedding bacteria in their stool so of course wash your hands after picking up after your pet. Likewise after a meal kisses are a no no as some residual bacteria may be present in your pet's mouth. Keeping children, elderly and immune suppressed individuals away from pet food dishes and pick up areas is another simple precaution.

For more information, visit Health Canada's website for more on Safe Food Handling:

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