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"We just seldom see the so called inevitable diseases in our patients, when we can get the owners to raise their pets on their natural foods."

Marty Goldstein, DVM;
Robert Goldstein, VMD;
H. Robertson, DVM;
Richard J. Kearns, DVM

Located in Calgary, AB
Proudly Canadian

Calgary Based Locally Owned and Operated Pet Stores

Wet Dog Food

Refrigerated Dog Food

Freshpet Deli Fresh Vital Refrigerated Dog Food Bites

Deli Fresh & Vital Meals

At Freshpet, our nutritional philosophy is based on the belief that:

  • Fresh, minimally processed foods are more nutritious
    • We have seen the changes eating fresh foods have made in our lives. Fresh, less processed foods can provide health benefits to not only humans, but dogs and cats, as well. Over processing can strip fresh foods of their naturally occurring vitamins and minerals and break down essential proteins needed for optimal health.
  • Animals thrive when fed biologically appropriate diets
    • Dogs and even more so cats are carnivores. Their natural diet consists primarily of meat. While we welcome them into our home as pets, we need to feed them as nature intended.

Freshpet has created an assortment of fresh dog and cat foods for your pets. Our recipe is unique and addresses different nutritional needs, but all Freshpet foods follow the same basic tenants:

  • Made with fresh, high quality poultry, meats or fish
  • Minimally processed and refrigerated for freshness
  • All natural without preservatives
  • 100% complete and balanced

Canned Dog Food

Before Grain Canned Dog Food

Before Grain

Before traditional grain based diets, mealtime for countless generations of dogs was provided by nature. Before Grain provides a diet rich in high quality meat and bio-available nutrients the way nature intended. We believe a diet based primarily on fresh meat, blue fruit, nutrient dense vegetables, and high-quality oils contributes to overall health & longevity and supports healthy weight naturally.

EVO Canned Dog Food


The Grain Free Advantage

Just as in the human world, an overabundance of high-calorie carbohydrates in a pet food diet can lead to obesity, diabetes and overall listlessness. EVO® is appropriate for many dogs and cats and stands out as a healthful food alternative for pets who will perform better on a grain free diet to help fight these conditions:

  • Pets With Food Allergies – If your pet is allergic to wheat, corn, gluten (found in certain grains), or other grains, EVO could bring the relief your pet needs which can improve skin, coat, and gastrointestinal problems.
  • Overweight Pets – EVO helps pets maintain a healthy body weight through a high-protein and low-carb diet. This approach helps decrease fat mass while maintaining lean muscles.
  • Diabetic Pets – Due to the low carbohydrate content, EVO helps pets maintain steady blood glucose levels following a meal. This is traditionally accomplished with a high fiber diet but EVO achieves this through a low carb strategy.

Go Canned Dog Food


Fresh Water Trout and Chicken/Turkey/Duck

Grade "A" de-boned Chicken, Turkey, Duck, and Fresh Water Trout formulas

  • Human Grade Ingredients
  • Garden fresh vegetables, orchard fruits, and chelated minerals
  • Sunflower oil & wild salmon oil for balanced Omega 6&3
  • Yucca Schidigera for odor control

Nature's Variety Instinct Canned Dog Food

Nature's Variety - Instinct

Our wholesome foods are full of natural goodness, just like your dog. Every diet is 100% free of corn, wheat, soy, chemicals, and artificial colors & preservatives.

Merrick Canned Dog Food


Our holistic can entrées read like a menu at the best five star gourmet restaurant and are unique to say the least. These meals combine the fine quality of human grade ingredients from the protein sources that we use as the number one ingredient to the fresh vegetables and fruits that we add to all of these special dishes. If you read our ingredient panel, you will notice that we did not forget any of the details and that these meals are loaded with nutrition.

PetKind Dog Food


PetKind products are formulated with unique, exotic ingredients, for optimum nutrition your pet will enjoy! All PetKind products are made with pure meat and are 100% All Natural, containing a natural source of Omega 3 & 6 Acids and no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Trippet Dog Food


Tripett products are made from pure green tripe taken from the highest quality human grade sources and mirror what our pets' wild counterparts instinctively feed on. Green Tripe (Green simply means the tripe is pure and unbleached) contains the partially digested grasses in an animal's stomach and is rich in digestive enzymes, gastic juices, taurine, amino acids and essential fatty acids which are important to all aspects of your pets' health.

Wellness Core Canned Dog Food


A Healthy Treat or a Healthy Meal!

Water is an extremely important nutrient with respect to a dog’s overall health since it makes up 60-75% of a pet’s total body weight. Packed with the same whole food nutrition as our dry dog formulas, Wellness® Canned Formulas are a delicious way to increase your dog’s moisture intake.

Wysong Canned Dog Food


Premium all meat and organ pet foods designed to mimic the archetypal eating patterns of the ancestors of today's carnivore companion animals (dogs, cats and ferrets). One of the few natural canned pet diets on the market that is truly genetically appropriate, and devoid of all the modern conventional pet food filler ingredients and additives.

The Wysong Au Jus Canned Diets™ contain no grains, fillers, synthetic or artificial preservatives - no artificial anything!

Wysong Uncanny Dog Food

Wysong - Uncanny

Wysong is proud to introduce UnCanny™ - the first canned food formulation without the can and without the heat processing for both cats and dogs.

UnCanny™ is meat and vegetable based (no starches from tapioca, potato, grains, or other sources), with special emphasis on nutraceutically enhanced broth, delivering real nutrient power. UnCanny™ contains only natural and whole shelf stable ingredients, and is an excellent meal for dogs and cats as part of the Wysong Optimal Health Program™.