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"We just seldom see the so called inevitable diseases in our patients, when we can get the owners to raise their pets on their natural foods."

Marty Goldstein, DVM;
Robert Goldstein, VMD;
H. Robertson, DVM;
Richard J. Kearns, DVM

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Cat Food & Pet Supplies

A healthy diet is by far the most important foundation of longevity in our animals.

Read more to see what healthy diet offerings are available and browse to find a multitude of stimulating toys, scratching posts, enticing organic catnip, grooming and cat supplies for your fuzzy friends.

Cat Products

Cat Products

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Knowledge Bits on Cat Food

Unlike canines, our feline friends are obligate carnivores who are strict meat eaters. Obligate or true carnivores obtain all of their nutritional requirements from prey animals and lack the capacity to effectively digest grain and high levels of vegetable matter.

Cats have very low thirst drives and are designed to obtain the majority of their water intake from their food. For this reason and more cats thrive on raw diets and other water-based foods.

In contrast, cats exclusively fed water depleted dry diets produce less volume of higher concentrated urine and may become susceptible to the formation of urinary tract problems. Though many cats can do very well on a biologically appropriate dry food diet, it is necessary that access to fresh water is always available.

Raw feeding is the best available option, followed by canned/wet and finally dry food supplemented with a water based food. Optimal Pet Food strives to supply only the best products available by providing all dry, wet and natural raw feeding options.