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"We just seldom see the so called inevitable diseases in our patients, when we can get the owners to raise their pets on their natural foods."

Marty Goldstein, DVM;
Robert Goldstein, VMD;
H. Robertson, DVM;
Richard J. Kearns, DVM

Located in Calgary, AB
Proudly Canadian

Calgary Based Locally Owned and Operated Pet Stores

Dog Food & Pet Supplies

Optimal Pet Foods carries a large selection of healthy dog food, including dry and canned foods, treatsm raw food diets (BARF) for the health of your dog!

You will also find a vast multitude of fun toys, treats and dog supplies, clothing and more.

Need help finding the best dog food for poochy? Give us a call or drop into our dog shop and we'd be happy to help.

It's fun being a pet parent!

Dog Products

Dog Products

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Knowledge Bits on Dog Food

Unlike the popular misconception that dogs are omnivores, man's best friend is in fact a scavenging carnivore, a meat eater who derives nutrition and energy primarily from raw, whole animal sources of protein and fat, with minimal portions of its diet acquired from vegetable sources.

The dog's wild counterparts tell us they eat a high meat diet, optionally including the minimal vegetable matter obtained from the digestive contents of prey animals and grazing activity, with limited or no grain content. The dog's anatomy tells us they are carnivores, and as such are not designed to consume the inappropriately high grain, high carbohydrate content present in the majority of today's highly processed pet food offerings.

At Optimal Pet Foods you will find an extensive selection of nutrient packed dog foods and convenient health promoting raw diets that closely mimic the natural evolutionary diet of the modern dog, to help develop a level of health only achievable through biologically appropriate pet foods.

Heard about the benefits of raw food? Come into our pet store to learn more about how to transform your dog through raw feeding.