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"We just seldom see the so called inevitable diseases in our patients, when we can get the owners to raise their pets on their natural foods."

Marty Goldstein, DVM;
Robert Goldstein, VMD;
H. Robertson, DVM;
Richard J. Kearns, DVM

Located in Calgary, AB
Proudly Canadian

Calgary Based Locally Owned and Operated Pet Stores

Dry Cat Food

Cat Food - Dry

Orijen Cat Food

Orijen Cat Food


“Cats & dogs evolved as hunters and, despite a modern lifestyle, their digestive systems have remained unchanged for hundreds of years.”

Orijen was awarded the 2009-2010 & 2010-2011 Pet Food of the Year award by the Glycemic Research Institute. Read More.


Orijen Chicken and Turkey Cat & Kitten Food
Orijen 6 Fish Cat & Kitten Food

Orijen is the preferred cat food of the Meow Foundation.

Innova EVO Cat Food

Innova EVO

EVO foods and treats contain ingredients and nutrient levels which most closely resemble the ancestral diet of dogs and cats. Similar to a diet of prey, EVO provides animals with energy and nutrients derived from meat-based proteins and highly digestible fats. Natura Pet Products has developed the ideal ancestral diet in EVO – the grain free, lowest carb, protein rich alternative for your pet.


Chicken and Turkey Formula
Herring and Salmon Formula
Weight Management Formula

Acana Cat Food



Meat-concentrated diets are higher in protein, lower in carbohydrate are far better matched to support the carnivorous anatomy of our companion dogs and cats. And by enhancing metabolism and enabling peak physical condition, ACANA helps dogs and cats from all walks of life achieve their full potential.


ACANA Wild Prairie for Cats
ACANA Grasslands for Cats
ACANA Pacifica for Cats

Go Cat Food

Go! Natural

Go! Natural's healthy and delicious formulas are made with juicy cuts of fresh human grade de-boned Chicken Meat, fresh West Coast Wild Salmon, and a host of other fresh human grade meat protein sources.

Go! Chicken Turkey and Duck Formula
Go! Freshwater Trout Formula

Holistic Blend Cat Food

Holistic Blend

"We believe a pet's health, behaviour, temperament, longevity, ability to reproduce successfully and to recover from trauma depends greatly upon properly administered and sustained nutrition. Holistic nutrition considers the animal's total wellness- looking beyond basic dietary requirements, to achieve optimum equilibrium between body, mind & spirit."

ZiwiPeak Cat Food


The peak of health for cats and dogs depends on the sustenance they get from 'MEAT' nature's true diet.

ZiwiPeak products are formulated on the same balance of meat ingredients, that cats and dogs would find by hunting in the wilderness.

Reward your pet with the nutritional excellence of all ZiwiPeak's 'MEAT' pet food products that they'll love the taste of - and are truly healthy for them.

Wysong Cat Food


Wysong Archetype™ Freeze Dried Diets (are' - kah - type – meaning the original model, the way things are meant to be) seek to emulate the food animals eat in the wild – the diet they are genetically programmed to eat. The various formulas contain a variety of natural ingredients including non-heat degraded meat, organs, bones, collagen, proteoglycans (chondroitin, glucosamine), pre- and probiotics, and are enhanced with phytonutrient and antioxidant rich fruits, vegetables, and greens.

Now Cat Food


Finally, a grain-free pet food which combines only fresh deboned turkey meat, duck meat, and salmon with coconut and vegetable oils, garden fresh vegetables, farm fresh fruit and select anti-oxidant rich berries. NOW! pet foods are formulated without meat meals, by-product meals, or animal fats.


Now! Adult Grain Free
Now! Kitten Grain Free
Now! Senior and Weight Management

Wellness Cat Food


Wellness CORE, the most thoughtful grain-free diet on the market today - the Wellness Way to make a dry cat formula!

CORE controls the nutritional equation through the quality AND quantity of the ingredients we use. That's why we named it CORE, because this food takes care of the animal from the inside out.

Dry Mix for Home Made Meals

Urban King Cat Food

Urban King - Evolutionary Dietary Base for Modern Feline Diets

Urban King is our superb biologically appropriate real super food diet designed specifically for Cats & Kittens. Urban King is quick and easy to make and contains a balance unique for cats. When changing your cat to Urban King, please understand that commercial cat foods contain addictive flavoring additives (particularily the dry kibble) so it may take some time and patience to get your cat changed over to a 'real' food diet.


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