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"We just seldom see the so called inevitable diseases in our patients, when we can get the owners to raise their pets on their natural foods."

Marty Goldstein, DVM;
Robert Goldstein, VMD;
H. Robertson, DVM;
Richard J. Kearns, DVM

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Education, Pet Articles, Reviews and Resources

Education and Resources

Any pet food can claim to be healthy, yet upon closer examination you would be more than surprised at their true contents.

Choosing a REAL Quality Pet Food can make all the difference in the world in your pet's longevity and health. A healthy diet is the most important thing you can provide for your pets, and they will reward you for it!

The importance of research by you, the pet owner, cannot be emphasized enough. Always think critically and confirm the advice you receive is legitimate.

Many of the opinions out there are highly biased, unfounded, or sadly, financially motivated. The buck stops with you! Read on to learn more.


Please find a previous of our most recent blog articles that are directly accessible from our Blog. A listing of our popular articles in addition to our past need to know articles are available for your reading below. Thanks for taking the time to review this important information for your pet's health!

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The Raw Food Diet For Dogs and Cats  New Video

Dr. Becker on why your dogs and cats can (and should!) eat a raw diet for optimal health and long life and addresses some of the concerns people have about feeding this completely natural and healthy pet food.

Read This Before Trying a Dental Diet Popular

A pet's dental health can be overlooked, unfortunately if left unchecked periodontal disease can cause pain, organ troubles and decreased life span. The seemingly simplest answer may not be the best one. Find out the best ways to take care of your pet's oral health.

Vets and Pet Food: What Are They Recommending? Bias of big business?

Dr. Shawn talks about the influence of big business on pet food ideas.

Keeping Your Pet Safe This Holiday Season Important information for keeping your pets safe during the holiday season

Dr. Becker discusses the top safety issues for pets during the holiday season. Be sure to review these common, and not so common risks to your pets.

The Myth of High Protein Dog Food Causing Kidney Disease in Dogs 

Science does not support the view that high protein diets cause kidney disease. What everyone should know about high protein diets and the truth about kidney disease in dogs.

Itchy, Fussy, Tooty or Dopey... Pets?
 Discussing these common and easily avoidable problems

Allergies, irritable bowel, fussiness, dental and weight control issues are all prevalent issues with one cause...

The Best and Worst Pet Foods: Ranked From Best to Disastrous  Popular

Dr. Karen Baker, DVM discusses the top best and worst foods you could feed your pet. Where on the list is yours?

The Truth About Raw Pet Food
 Important reading

There is a lot of misinformation out there about raw food. Find out what raw food is and why it is so important.

Myth: Is the Dog an Omnivore?
 A must read

Is the dog an omnivore or carnivore? It's time the truth put this myth to rest.

What's Really in Your Pet Food?  The Top 12 Ingredients to Avoid and Who Uses Them
  Updated - Popular

We began this business to truly help pets, educate consumers and allow people to make informed decisions when it comes to their pet's health and longevity.

This is the first part of a series of need to know articles on pet food and the pet food industry.

How to Figure Out Pet Food Labels

How something so seamingly simple has become shrouded with deception. Get the facts on how to decipher the true ordering and content of your pet food. Uncover the deception behind pet food labels.

Raw Bones Promote Dental Health

Discusses the importance of raw bones and chews for the dental health of your dogs, cats and ferrets.

Dr. Marty's Feeding Advice

What should I feed my pet for best health?

What's Really in Pet Food?

Animal Protection Institute article.

Why is the drug that is used to euthanize pet animals found in some pet foods?

Could Your Pet's Diet Be Causing More Harm Than Good?

Carnivora Learning Centre

Pets Go Raw: What is Raw?

Red Dog Blue Kat: Why Raw?

Mountain Dog Food: Why Raw

Mountain Dog Food: Raw Help



Mercola Healthy Pets

Forum and article library of health focused nutrition and wellness for responsible pet owners. Features Dr. Karen Becker, DVM.

Dog Food Analysis

An accurate, independent review site featuring analysis and reviews of over 1500 dry/kibble dog foods, by brand and type. Reviews section has a search function, ratings range from 6 stars (highest) to 1 star (lowest).

Raw Meaty Bones

Dr. Tom Lonsdale's website contains numerous informative articles on raw pet food, the problems with the pet food/veterinary industry, and raw feeding guidelines. Dr. Londsale is one of the original pioneer's in pet nutrition: feeding pets as they are designed to be fed.

BARF World

World renowned veterinarian for inventing the "BARF" concept of raw feeding, Dr. Ian Billinghurst's website on Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.

Dr. Marty Goldstein: Integrative Medicine

Marty Goldstein is an authority on integrative medicine, a combination of conventional and holistic medicine to treat causes rather than only symptoms.

Integrative veterinarians go a step further than conventional veterinarians by combining traditional veterinary training with knowledge gained through studying natural medicine, species appropriate nutrition, acupuncture, chiropractic and homeopathy.

The Many Myths About Raw Feeding

Debunks the most common myths to raw feeding using well cited and sourced documents.

Dr. Shawn's Natural and Holistic Pet Care News and Information

The award winning holistic veterinarian, Dr. Shawn Messonnier. Author of The Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats. A fantastic resource for holistic pet care information, plus specific disease treatment and the natural approach to healing.

Recommended Reading

The BARF Diet

Billinghurst, Ian ISBN 0958592519 (ISBN-13 978-0958592512)

Raw Meaty Bones

Dr. Tom Lonsdale's fully referenced, peer reviewed book on the raw food diet for pets. Londsale explains his rationale and points to the evidence that proves processed pet food is the number one major contributor to the common health problems pets today.

Over 20 years ago Lonsdale brought to the attention of the world the problems facing pets, the link between the disastrous health conditions they were experiencing and the big business of pet food influencing the veterinary field.

Lonsdale, Tom ISBN 0646396242 (ISBN-13 978-0646396248)

Dr. Pitcairn's New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats

Pitcairn, Richard. ISBN 157954973X (ISBN-13 978-1579549732)

The Veterinarians' Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs:

Safe and Effective Alternative Treatments and Healing Techniques from the Nation's Top Holistic Veterinarians

Integrative and natural treatments for specific conditions directly from the nation's top holistic veterinarians. The years of combined knowledge from over 100 integrative and holistic veterinarians.

Zucker, Martin. ISBN 0609803727 (ISBN-13 978-0609803721)

Pottenger's Cats:
A Study in Nutrition

A 10 year long study on the detrimental effects of feeding cooked food to carnivores.

Also takes a look at animal and human populations exposed to various levels of processed foods and the resulting impact on their health that affects offspring for generations, often with irreversible damage.

Pottenger, Francis. ISBN 0916764060 (ISBN-13 978-0916764067)

The Ultimate Diet:
Natural Nutrition for Dogs & Cats

Schultze, Kymythy. ISBN 0966474910 (ISBN-13 978-0966474916)

Stop the Shots! Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets?

Clifton, John. ISBN 0976084627 (ISBN-13 978-0976084624)

Despite the title, this volume outlines the potential dangers of overvaccination, including new and updated guidelines from major veterinary associations. Reviews: